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Hey There! I'm Brandi Clark

It was 2017 and I was living
what I thought was my dream scenario, I had two brick-and-mortar gyms, a great husband and 4 kids.

But I was stressed, overworked and not earning what I thought I would at this point in my life.

I found myself on Christmas Eve (pictured here) working at the gym so my staff could enjoy the holiday with their family.

I snapped this picture of myself after sweeping the GX room floor with a big ole' grin for social media. When I looked at that picture it dawned on me, I was not happy.

Everyone I loved was enjoying Christmas Eve dinner, and I was working.

This was not what I signed up, at all.

And Now

Over the next 3 months I sold my gyms and started an online business helping brides lose weight for their weddings.

It was not easy, I struggled for a long time, years in fact. I'd get up early and stay up long after the kids went to bed watching YouTube videos, reading PDF's and taking course after course.

I just knew I could figure this whole "online thing" out. I never gave up, even when I wanted to, even when I was crying with frustration, even when I realized that a NORMAL person would have already gotten a regular j-o-b.

Since then I have spent over $50k on coaching programs and developed a Framework that produces clients like clockwork.

I have condensed everything I know down into a tactical approach to making money online.

All the action, non of the fluff and I want to share every piece of it with you.

Welcome to my world!


30 Ways To Make $500 In Your Online Fitness Business By Next Week

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